Advergaming for Promotional Advertising

Published: 18th March 2012
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We all know how significant the World Wide Web is in our lives today. Everything and everyone practically rely on the internet to become operative in a speedy manner. The internet is one effective medium for marketing of companies as well. One strategy that is used in line with this goal is advergaming. This happens when companies advertise their products through online games. Advergaming has been a trusted tool for an effective advertising and promotion among various products since people in general nowadays are getting hooked to different online games. Those playing their favorite games using consoles are also being introduced into advergaming. This strategy is a unique way to bring
Promotional Advertising to one’s company instead of availing of the usual tactics like distributing actual freebies. Though the gaming software involved in advergaming can be played for free, the players may not actually receive any actual gift on hand.

Some of the high tech companies that we have now apply promotional advertising by providing the public with free cyber games in their respective websites. Their online games would usually include characters representing their products. In a candy company for example, the advergaming software includes candies plus their logo constantly being flashed on the screen. Other companies distribute software games for free during their promotion period whenever they launch a new or existing product. They get the discs for free and play with the actual products involved in the game. Still other companies adopting advergaming apply promo marketing by not only flashing their logos regularly on screen, and creating game characters which are actual products, but also flashing coupons or certificates where consumers are able to purchase the said products in discounted costs. In most cases, advergaming has become a tournament to fellow gamers. The gamers are led into the world of competition where they need to maintain a high score. This way they try to beat other gamers and companies sponsor acknowledgement of leading players by flashing their names and scores.

If you are planning to use advergaming to promote brand name and your company in general, make sure to follow the following guidelines:

• Your promotional efforts should always concern online and offline means. Including interesting games in your websites is a clear picture of how online advergaming works while making the games available in gadgets like game consoles, or even in cell phones and other gadgets are also equally effective.
• It is important that your consumers should fill up a registration sheet from where they get to play your advergames to get sufficient information in your database. This is for the reason of a more interactive game.
• It is better that your games are those which doesn’t require downloading because if they do, users will only ignore them with the risks involved in downloading and the inconvenience it brings.
• You should also see to it that players who obtain good scores should be acknowledged.
• Encourage users to play regularly by organising tournaments involving all the players worldwide. This way, the players are also able to invite other users to play promoting viral marketing.

With advergaming now being employed by companies, users should learn to take responsible actions by discouraging minors to engage in such for addiction to be evaded. However, when talking about promotional advertising, advergaming is perhaps the most talked about and fun way of marketing your products.

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